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Employer Checklist

Business & Employee Relations

Workplace Policies

Have you ensured that your Employee Handbook is legally compliant, reflects changes in the new laws, works to reduce litigation and, if litigation occurs, assists in the defense of the lawsuit? 

Do your work policies meet your business needs? If you provide vehicles, are your policies compliant with commute/drive time laws?  

Do your employment policies provide you with affirmative defenses against unfortunate lawsuits? For example, you should have formal “interactive process” procedures for employees with disability or leave claims, and a written investigative protocol for harassment and abusive conduct claims.  Are you employing best practices? 

Wage & Hour

Wage & Hour Compliance Reviews and Assessments:

Are you compliant with current Federal and State wage and hour laws?  We will assist you with the analysis of your company’s wage and hour policies on such topics ranging from employee hiring, training, supervision, classification (exempt or non-exempt), overtime calculation, meal and rest breaks.  

Employee Management

Absence Management & Accommodations:

The Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act have increased the complexity of issues surrounding leave and accommodation requests by employees. Have you updated your 2017 policies to ensure that your guidelines meet the most up to date requirements of the agendas of the EEOC and the DOL? 

Compliance Training

Periodic Training and Seminars:

Have you satisfied the bi-annual requirements of California AB 1825 and 2053? California law requires employers to regularly provide anti-harassment and abusive conduct training for their supervisors and managers.  We have extensive experience in providing this type of training to your employees, which will ensure your legal compliance.