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Valiant Law is a labor and employment law firm serving clients nationwide from our law offices in California and New York. Our experienced legal team is made up of aggressive and dedicated litigators who are committed to seeking the compensation and fair treatment our clients deserve. For years we have represented individuals whose livelihoods have been threatened and we are ready to help you next. 

To learn more, peruse this page or give us a call  to discuss your case. We offer free consultations to all new clients! You can also contact us online. 
California Office:  (909) 254-5771  New York Office: (914) 350-3710  

Top Ranked Firm Serving Clients Nationwide

Valiant Law is known for our undefeated and first-rate trial lawyers. Our attorneys, paralegals, and staff possess a tireless work ethic and unyielding recognition of the duty to provide the highest level of legal service to our clients. We are the go-to business, employment, and insurance law firm in the Greater Los Angeles area—and beyond—because we understand our clients, and share their passion, philosophies, and goals. We have created unmatched lawsuit management processes and problem-solving tactics that cannot be replicated, and we never rest until our clients are satisfied.

As our clients have succeeded, our firm has flourished. Today, Valiant Law is in a class of its own, present amongst the most respected business litigation and employment law firms in California, Nevada, and New York. Our day-to-day professional philosophy is to work respectfully and collaboratively with our clients, as this simple yet imperative principle is the key to our mutual success. We know that our firm’s strength is a result of our clients’ achievements.

How We Fight for Our Clients 

We are as much legal professionals as we are creative problem-solvers, as evidenced by countless positive results in a vast array of cases including employment, business litigation, construction, product liability, insurance, and contract disputes. 

Our law firm’s experience extends further than the courtroom. Clients consistently seek our counsel regarding all matters of employment law, whether it be for compliance with wage and hour regulations, the execution of sound employment policies, or difficult personnel issues. 

We also assist clients by offering robust training of supervisors and employees with regard to wage and hour law compliance, discrimination and harassment prevention, and more.

The attorneys at Valiant Law are licensed in the most prestigious courts in the nation, including the United States Supreme Court, the Supreme Court of California, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and all State and Federal Courts in California and Nevada.

Regardless of the type of case, one certainty remains: we will come prepared, and prepared to win.

Notable Victories

  • Negotiated settlements exceeding $1 billion
  • Federal Court (Los Angeles) jury award in favor of our clients
  • State Court (San Bernardino) judgment including a finding of fraud against the defendants
  • State Court (San Bernardino) judgment in favor of our clients on contract claims
  • State Court (Orange County) judgment in favor of our clients
  • Administrative law judgments in favor of our clients on numerous employment matters
  • Countless Arbitration awards in favor of our clients on all facets of the law


At Valiant Law, our attorneys have the skills, experience, and tenacity to go up against large corporations and insurance companies in order to fight for the justice and compensation you deserve. Get to know our team by scrolling down and select the staff you would like to learn more about.