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  • Record-Setting
    $15,020,000 Negligent Hiring, Retention & Supervision & Neglect

    January 2020: The Valiant Law team and West Coast Trial Lawyers brought justice to a grieving family.

  • Record-Setting
    $2,900,000 Disability Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, & Intentional Infliction of Distress

    January 2024: After almost three years of fighting for recognition of the abuse suffered as an Amazon employee, Valiant Law's Raymond Babaian secures $1.2 million jury verdict. At post-trial mediation, a settlement of $2.9 million was reached.

  • Record-Setting
    $1,000,000 Sexual Harassment

    July 2020: Valiant Law’s Kamran Shahabi secures a pre-lawsuit settlement on behalf of his client relating to her former employer's unlawful touching, leering, and rampant sexual misconduct at the workplace.

  • Record-Setting
    $979,487 Hostile Work Environment & Sexual Harassment

    June 2020: Valiant Law secured recovery for an aggrieved employee that was forced to suffer from consistent and relentless harassment and abusive conduct at the workplace.

  • Record-Setting
    $915,727 Sexual Harassment, Retaliation & Wrongful Termination

    October 2020: Valiant Law’s Kamran Shahabi & Eric Gilanians brought justice to an emotionally distraught client that suffered from irreprehensible and egregious conduct at the workplace.

  • Record-Setting
    $725,000 Breach of Contract & Wrongful Termination

    July 2020: Valiant Law’s Raymond Babaian secures recovery for an employment contract gone bad followed by an unlawful and vengeful termination.