6 Types of Suits Employers Are Bracing for Post-Pandemic

6 Types of Suits Employers Are Bracing for Post-Pandemic

Transitioning to a work-from-home model. Furloughing and laying off workers. Complying with new regulations from the CARES and Families First Coronavirus Response Acts. Protecting employees’ personal medical information while ensuring the health and safety of the overall workforce.

These are just a few of the legal landmines employers are dealing with these days. The COVID-19 coronavirus and the resulting economic upheaval represent uncharted territory for many employers. As they grapple with balancing concern for employee safety while keeping business running, they’ll be forced to make some unpleasant decisions. Undoubtedly, those decisions will be met with criticism and potential lawsuits.

What are they? Scroll to find out.

Storefront with "store closing" and "everything must go!" signs all over the windows.

Woman working on a cafe on a laptop late at night.

Pizza delivery person in a blue & red uniform wearing a face mask while holding boxes of food while standing in an open doorway.

Frustrated business man with both hands on his head looking at drastic changes in stock prices.

Face mask on top of a checklist where a person is marking off "fever".

A group of employees holding boxes containing their desk items.

Source: BenefitsPro.com

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