Creating a Workplace Free of LGBTQ Discrimination

Creating a Workplace Free of LGBTQ Discrimination

Through the work of countless activists, the LGBTQ community has amassed wider acceptance in many spaces. Moreover, this activism has seen to the progress of the Equality Act in Congress which if passed would nationally outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in employment, housing, and more.

In observation of Pride Month, we would like to increase visibility on the hurdles the LGBTQ community still face in the workplace, as well as advice on how employers can create an accepting environment for their LGBTQ employees.

To shed light on the difficulties the LGBTQ community still face in the workplace, Glassdoor, in cooperation with the Harris Poll, conducted a survey. This survey reveals that 53% of LGBTQ employees are not fully out at work and concurrently 47% of LGBTQ employees believe that if they were to come out at work then it would result in adverse actions from their employers, like getting fired or being passed for promotions. These high figures mark the discrimination that the LGBTQ community still fear and face in the workplace. Another revelatory figure from Glassdoor’s survey also states that 68% of LGBTQ employees believe that their current employers could be doing more to support them at work.

Jesus Juarez, Glassdoor’s LGBTQ and Ally Employee Group Leader, says that, with 26 states still not protecting LGBTQ individuals at work, it is time for “a wake up call” for employers and lawmakers.

Thus, employers have a responsibility to create a more openly accepting environment for their LGBTQ workers. Below are just a few changes employers can make to curb discrimination in the workplace for their LGBTQ employees.

  • Include sexual orientation and gender identity in their non-discrimination clause
  • Donate and volunteer to non-profit organizations that advocate and support the LGBTQ community
  • Conduct LGBTQ competency training in the workplace
  • Create an employee resource group for LGBTQ  employees

Source: Glassdoor

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