West Covina Car Wash Intentionally Failed to Pay Overtime, Must Pay $62K in Back Wages

Car Wash Doesn't Pay Workers Overtime

A car wash located in West Covina, California was just ordered to pay 15 employees more than $62,000 in back wages. Federal investigators found their employer had failed to pay them overtime as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act. If this seems outlandish, it’s not. Unfortunately, this is all too common of an issue in the employment law industry.

Investigators within the department’s Wage and Hour Division discovered that the company completely disregarded its’ obligation to pay workers overtime pay when they worked over 40 hours in a workweek. Instead, the car wash paid them straight-time rates, regardless of the number of hours worked.

Employees in the car wash industry are often low-wage earners and when employers fail to pay these workers for all the hours they work as required by the law, it can be difficult for the workers to attend to their basic needs” stated by the Wage and Hour Division Assistant District Director. “The deliberate nature of this employer’s violations is unacceptable, and they have been held maximally accountable for shortchanging their workers.”

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